Why Google Internal Search for Sheets and other objects Sucks – Google Sheets Example

google sheets search sucks example

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Google is currently going to trial about being a monopoly.

I’m not going to comment on that right now but I will say they have never worked to “mature” or “improve” their internal search tools.
I find that search on Google Drive for my google sheets and all my other Google Workspace objects … has always sucked.

Here is a really really great example I came across today but this happens all the time and its disgusting that they haven’t made this search better.

First Search: – NOTICE – NO RESULTS.
Second Search: – NOTICE at least 5 results.

I mean, seriously, for 20++ years do you think Google Search for their money maker Google Ads and Search Engine Marketing has been identifying the difference between a search string with 1 space difference?
That just goes to show that after all this bullshit about “do no evil” which is complete crap because any company the size of Google is doing some evil.  Probably more evil than we even dreamed of.  Its just the law of numbers.  I don’t care what HR and Recruiting bullshit dreams up to think they are preventing evil from being done by the company employees.

This is a clear example of how most PUBLIC companies typically FOCUS only on what makes money.  What drives revenue and profits.
The fact that so many of their internal tools are so bad shows the lack of customer focus internally.