Moving Towards an Automation and AI Mindset

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One of the challenges I see daily with using Chatgpt, Bard, and other AI LLM based chatbots as with AI and Automation in general is most humans do not have a mindset or a thinking paradigm in how to apply these technologies and capabilities with data.

Since I am a data guy I’m completely focusing on the data aspects of this.  I will give some simple examples here of how if you want to be more productive with Generative AI right now you must change the way you approach working with any information related tool that has data or elements of data.

Let me start with the basics of describing the current mindset related to Office documents and slides.  Many people create knowledge and share knowledge in unstructured (i guess you can say semi-structured) formats like Word, Powerpoint, Google Docs and Slides.  While there are elements of structure within these objects of knowledge, most people do not utilize them effectively.  Excel and Google Sheets can really be structured data but again most humans do not use them effectively.  One of the worst practices I see everyday (assuming you actually want to harness automation!) is how humans instead of organizing data within a structured grid format with columns and rows with Excel and Google Sheets they add in blank rows or blank columns at the beginning or the middle of structured data sets for I “guess” visualization purposes.  This inhibits automation around data set analysis and updating and really overall organization for a human.

I want to keep this article short so this will be the start of a series around …

Moving Towards an Automation and AI Mindset.