Moving Towards an Automation and AI Mindset

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Using ChatGPT, Bard, and other AI LLM-based chatbots, along with AI and Automation, presents a daily challenge. Many people lack a mindset for effectively applying these technologies to data.

As a data enthusiast, my focus is on data aspects. To enhance productivity with Generative AI, you need to change your approach to information tools with data elements. Let’s begin by discussing the current mindset regarding Office documents and slides.

People often create and share knowledge in unstructured (semi-structured) formats like Word, PowerPoint, Google Docs, and Slides. While some structure exists within these knowledge objects, it’s often underutilized. Excel and Google Sheets are ideal for structured data, but their effective use is often lacking. A common, counterproductive practice is adding blank rows or columns within structured data sets for visualization purposes. Unfortunately, this hampers automation, data analysis, updates, and overall organization.

This article marks the start of a series on…

“Moving Towards an Automation and AI Mindset.”