What We Do

What We Do

At ITS Snowflake Solutions, we only do 3 things but we do them extremely well:  (obviously, creative isn’t one of them!)

1. Data Products (Specifically Data Products built as Snowflake Native Applications):

Since February 2022, we have been exploring Snowflake Native Applications. We began building native applications as early as March 2022 and were one of the earliest partners involved in the private preview then and now.

Our team is doing some of the most advanced work on Native Applications for Snowflake, and we are tremendously excited to roll out new Native Applications now on Private Listings and later this year as public listings.

Although Snoptimizer® is currently a Powered By Snowflake application, we are moving it over to be a Native Application to make it even easier to install and maintain. (You can add a link in Snoptimizer to the Snowflake website.

2. The “Automated” Modern Data Stack – Easy Button:

A modern data stack is crucial for data-driven companies to succeed in today’s digital world. It stores, integrates, and analyzes large volumes of data from diverse sources to provide valuable business insights. Traditional data warehouses and business intelligence tools are inadequate for handling such data volumes, which led to the emergence of the modern data stack.

The modern data stack includes various components that work together to provide a complete solution for data management and analytics. Some of the most common components are cloud data warehouses for scalable storage and computing, data integration platforms for ingesting data from various sources, data transformation tools for preparing and modeling the data, business intelligence tools for analysis and visualization, and data quality and governance tools for ensuring data accuracy, security, and compliance.

Our automated modern data stack consists of companies with whom we have official partnerships, including Snowflake, Fivetran, Coalesce, Hightouch, and Sigma. If you’re unsure about the best automated modern data stack for your business, schedule a free call with us to discuss your options.

3. Data Product Led Snowflake Services:

Since the beginning of 2018, we have been providing high-quality Snowflake Consulting Services. At that time, we recognized the tremendous game-changing architecture and transformed our 18-year-old data warehousing business, which had built massive data warehouses on Oracle, Netezza, Teradata, etc., into a completely Snowflake-focused consultancy. We sold that business in 2018.

Now, we deliver all of our service-related projects through our partners. Frank Bell, the Snowflake Evangelist for XponentL Data, provides his Snowflake Teams accelerators and Snowflake migration automation processes and tools through XponentL Data. What differentiates our Snowflake-focused services, besides our deep experience and expertise, is that we prefer to service all customers based on Data Products, to provide the most data value possible. We strongly believe that custom coding and services should be limited to specific business cases that require it.

Our Mission

To make the Snowflake Data Cloud even “more” awesome.