Well, we had the problems with Hertz.com and its crappy vendor imperva with the horrible UNUSABLE captcha customer experience just now.  So we try to use Avis on the Android App I have.  Well, that is just as horrible experience if not worse.  Also, using the Avis App has often been a problem for me.  I’m pretty sure it works about 30% of the time.  In a recent rental I “tried” to do in EWR New Jersey the Avis Android application was so bad I cancelled the reservation and spent more with Hertz (both hertz and avis and probably most of the other rental car companies also have this horrible egregious and legally questionable practice of giving you your RENTAL total cost which doesn’t have all the other mandatory fees so its completely misleading.  I thought I was getting a weekly rental for $352 from Hertz and it ended up being over $700.  What a joke.

But this is a question about why does Avis and specifically the Avis Android App suck so bad?

fbell Changed status to publish April 7, 2024