Snowgrid Evolution on Snowflake

Table of Contents

Snowgrid Evolution Background

Snowflake introduced their concept of Snowgrid back in 2019.  From our view it was their way to evolve the Snowflake Data Warehouse into the Snowflake Data Cloud.  Previously, it was very very difficult to operate between cloud provider regions.

Snowgrid was basically the backbone that connected all the cloud provider regions (from AWS, Azure, GCP) to each other.  At first it introduced somewhat cumbersome replication code that had to be mostly manually coded to replicate from region to region.  But as Snowflake usually does they improved and automated more and more of how the 

Snowgrid V1

As mentioned above, when Snowgrid and basic replication initially rolled out it was pretty cumbersome and limited.  You could only replicate entire databases and you could only write and execute manual code to do it.  Discuss how tasks were involved as well.

Snowgrid V2

Placeholder.  Discuss how it evolved to be better.

Snowgrid V3 – Now

How far Snowgrid and Snowflake Replication has come since 2019.  Now even with the GUI any Snowflake User with the appropriate rights can replicate to every region very easily.  (Just remember it ALSO comes at a cost.  See our documentation on Replication Costs.)

Further details on what Snowgrid is.