It seriously amazes me how horrible many information repository user generated companies are just horrible to their customers to try and I guess protect their content?  The problem is they do it in awful and horrible processes.

I’m using a Mozilla VPN – A pretty standard one and look what yelp does even from a google search.  Its stupid and its horrible.  They must just decide …. let’s totally screw over any users of ours that are on a VPN.  See this image.

I need to get a root canal done ASAP.  It is killing me.  So if you look I do a search of root canal encino ca on google and yelp of course (because they are colluding probably partially with google) shows up as one of the first search results.  But the yelp assholes make it hard for Mozilla VPN users and totally block you from seeing the results.  So since I”m sort of tech savvy I know I can turn off VPN to get results but this makes me so sad and upset that yelp sucks this much that I don’t even want to use them anymore.  The picture below shows how I turn off Mozilla VPN and now I actually get useful yelp listing (well, maybe its useful, maybe its just “yelped’ and fake.)

Yelp does not work with Mozilla VPN
Yelp does not work with Mozilla VPN

I cannot wait until Yelp and other horrible non-friendly consumer websites are hopefully displaced by GenAI of chatgpt or bard, etc.

See my GenAI search for Endodontists here.  Its not perfect but its better than Google Search and yelp combined.


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