I just do not see how this practice by OpenAI is “FAIR” or “RIGHT” or “Legal” to do this to paying users.¬† This is such a painful and horrible product experience for paying customers to arbitrarily turn them off without any notice while they are in the middle or using a paid product of Chatgpt4.¬† OpenAI SHOULD NOT charge then if they cannot provide access to the service we are paying for.¬† If you still want to use this practice then how about WARNING the user you idiots that this will take effect in 2 or 3 more prompt interactions with x time.

What is furthermore BEYOND frustrating and horrible for the PAYING Customer is the idiotic (okay.¬† poorly orchestrated and though through from an end customer viewpoint?) product manager approach to¬† ¬†See image below.¬† This is happening to me right now and the worst part is that the REDIRECT to 3.5 DOES NOT WORK.¬† So I’m in an endless loop of hell from Openai clicking on a button to do nothing.¬† It is just honestly a COMPLETELY horrible just horrible customer experience or more like CUSTOMER PAIN DESIGN.¬† They should change the button from “Use default model” to “Please give me the worst possible Paid Customer Experience by OpenAI”.¬†¬†

I get there was some capacity issues awhile ago but this design and approach is BEYOND NON-CUSTOMER friendly.  Its customer adversarial.  Its just a horrible approach for any paid service.

OpenAI chargest$20 per month for Chatgpt Plus which promises to include access to Chatgpt4 but then does not provide it consistently to users.
Chatgpt Plus FAIL – Use Default Model button DOES NOT work. This is endless LOOP of hell.
  • FURTHERMORE, if you really continue to have this horrible customer practice then at least be able to move the previous conversation and chat dialog back and forth between the models or AT LEAST parts of it.
fbell Answered question May 19, 2024