Data Application Marketplaces

Data Application Marketplaces

Data Sharing, Collaboration, and Marketplaces are in a new era now.  Since the beginning of January 2018, ITS has been a strong advocate of the potential of Snowflake Data Sharing.
We believe that Snowflake’s “no copy” secure data sharing is one of the most significant changes in data collaboration in the last 10 years.

It removes “massive” friction from data sharing and collaboration.  
Back to the Snowflake Marketplace and its evolution:
ITS – ITS Strategists has been involved from the beginning helping Snowflake make a better data sharing solution.

We provided TONS of feedback and suggestions for the initial Snowflake Marketplace (aka Snowflake Data Marketplace, aka Snowflake Data Exchange …) since 2019.
Many of our suggestions have shaped it into a much much better solution than it was in 2019.
It has been amazing to watch as the *new* Snowflake Marketplace has evolved from a few data shares to 
We also think we are the only one who has tracked month by month the growth of the public Snowflake Data Shares. 
IT Strategists has provided Data Shares on the Snowflake Marketplace since September 2020.
We have also helped numerous customers get onto the Data Marketplace with our Getting onto the Snowflake Data Marketplace Checklist.
Here are the data shares we currently provide.  Schedule a quick 15 minute overview with us if you are interested:

Unemployment Data by Local Area

This data was sourced from the Bureau of Labor Statistics – Local Area Unemployment Statistics Program. The program is a federal-state cooperative effort in which monthly estimates of total unemployment and unemployment are prepared for over 7500 areas.